Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Child of the week

At Gwen's school they have a 'child of the week' program, where the kid gets special treatment.  We went in a read her class a book and apparently the class thinks of things they like about her.  Just for her kicks, thought I should put it on here because it is so cute. 
  • she has nice manners
  • she has beautiful eyes
  • she looks her nicest everyday! (which is kind of funny since they wear uniforms)
  • she is nice to others
  • she has a nice haircut
  • she is very wise
  • she includes others
  • she is always bucket-filling (which is the theme for this year 'buckets' filling with compliments or taking stuff out with not nice behavior)
  • she has nice handwriting
  • she has a quiet voice
  • she smiles with her eyes
It is funny to see what her classmates think about her!  

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