Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today would be Dad's 63rd birthday.  I knew it was coming and thought, man it would have been nice to make his favorite meal.  Or something like that.  I did end up making something that had the kids silently eating, so no crazy fussing!  Win-win!  It is hard to believe the amount of time it has been and it would be nice to commemorate his life in that way, I think.  So, I guess in a round about way I did good by my Dad, we had a nice family meal, which is something I think my Dad would appreciate.  


I am going to declare officially this not my week.  Not necessarily a bad week, but certainly not my best.  I think we all hope next week will be better!  And slowly I think it will get better, as I figure out the logistics of working, full day for Gwen and Nate!  Nate appears to be going through a particularly rough time as a 3 year old.  He is testing and I don't have the patience for it!  I guess we'll get through it, but when you are in the trenches it is somehow hard to remember you can get out. 

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