Friday, November 18, 2011


I sort of feel like I am running out of things to say on this blog.  Gwen is doing well in school.  Nate is endearing himself to the people at school.  Gwen is apparently supposed to dress in khakis and ponytails or braids for her Thanksgiving celebration.  Unfortunately, the kid doesn't have anything khaki to wear with her uniform top, what can I say, the girl likes pink!  Fortunately, we have a Kohl's gift card and a 20% off coupon.  The note said not to buy anything, but well, what else am I going to send her in?  Maybe I can scrounge up something from our hand-me-down bin, if I don't get to it this weekend.  I am pretty excited to braid her hair, I love to do bows/braids and all that kind of stuff, but she won't let me.  She told me today I could do braids, I didn't tell her ponytails were an option!  They have been working on all kinds of stuff for the classroom, building a tepee, making head gear, talking about the Mayflower.  Gwen keeps asking me facts about the first Thanksgiving, and I know about 95% of what she asks me.
Eric let the kids watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We watch every Charlie Brown special for every holiday, Eric feels it is important, or he likes to reminisce about watching those with his family.  The kids especially like the physical humor, like when Snoopy is trying to set up the table and gets caught.  Nate just laughed and laughed, which caused everyone else to laugh because his laugh is so infectious.
I am about done with my responsibilities for my first official month in my job.  The ordering process is about to come to a close and I have the whole of Thanksgiving break to work on my lunch lists. That will be nice.  Wonder if I can teach the kids how to highlight? I think it is going well, at least no one has complained to me personally.  Good news for me! 
I am starting to plan our Thanksgiving meal.  It will just be us this year.  As the kids have started to get more adventurous at meal time, ok well only Gwen, it has been fun to plan and hope they actually eat.  I will likely do too much for our little family, but then I am hoping not to cook for a couple days, so that will be really cool!  Who doesn't want a fresh turkey sandwich?   

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