Saturday, November 19, 2011

Raleigh parade

Today we went to the Raleigh Christmas parade.  I think we didn't go last year, although we aren't sure.  We went without planning, just got in the car and went.  I couldn't really remember the parade route, but what the heck.  The kids don't care about that kind of stuff; they just wanted to see the parade!  We left about the time I would have liked to have been  pulling into Raleigh.  But, we found a spot, which we realized later must have been at the end of the route, so we ended up not missing much, if anything.  We started out at not a very good spot, and put the kids on our shoulders so they could see, but we could hardly see.  Then some nice tall man, asked if anyone wanted to get closer with their kids.  So I said sure, and we were able to just hold them up high.  There were plenty of breaks in the parade, since we were at the end, so we ended up being there 2 hours!  I eventually scooted Gwen up front because do you know how heavy our kids are after about an hour of holding them!?  People really started clear out at about 1.5 hours in so I also let Nate get up close, but probably only for the last 15 minutes.  I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, since I was holding one or the other of the kids, but towards the end I got more pictures.

Gwen's favorite were the ballerinas and the princesses.  I just have to say, there were a lot of princesses.  Miss NC this and Miss NC that.  Gwen was so pleased!  Nate was pleased because we got to see the Star Wars people again, but he was a little disappointed there was no Darth Vader.  I was thrilled to see big balloons, although the toilet was a little surprising.  I think Eric's favorite was the large shopping cart.  It was hilarious because we could tell when Scotty McCreery (American Idol from Garner, NC-Mom) was coming through, we could hear the girlish screams coming from the crowd.  We all enjoyed the parade, I love a good parade, maybe next year we could print the route and you know plan a little in advance, or we could go with the flow again, whatever!

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