Sunday, November 06, 2011


I had an idea for this post earlier, but now it has left my head. So, I guess I will just ramble on about the kids. 
Gwen is doing well in school.  We just had her parent-teacher conference and they had nothing bad to say at all.  She is doing well, she struggled for about a week to get her stuff done in a timely matter, and when she came home with the progress report that said she was "not completing assignments in a timely matter" she straightened right up!  She is writing some of her letters and numbers backward and her teacher assured us that is common for children just learning to write, but if she continues to write letters backward mid-year we might have to look into learning issues.  I did ask if the backward thing might relate to her left-handedness and that is a possibility also.  I am exceedingly proud of Gwen, she was tasked with 2 speaking parts in her school Mass and spoke them so clearly and loudly, I was so proud!  (Grandma was also!)  The teachers told us they weren't real sure the Mass was going to come together, Gwen along with her classmates would kind of speak softly and then all of a sudden the day before Mass at practice spoke clearly and loudly that it about knocked their socks off.  Her teacher said the whole class cheered and rallied around her, my little leader.  Let's hope that she only leads to good things and not bad! 
Nate is still something else.  Too smart for his own good and well loved at Gwen's school.  Anyone who knows Gwen knows Nate, he gives them hugs and walks, who am I kidding, runs around the school.  He has his little friends and really can't sit still.  Seriously, cannot.  I am hoping that with time he will learn to focus and possibly sit still.  Maybe his teachers will have some luck with him next year.  He has spent some time in the class with one of the teachers who is taking classes to get liscensed, whenever she is done working with him she always says he is on par with the 4 year olds she has in class.  She also said that her teacher said he was a future writer based on the stories he told her for her class assignment. 
We are proud of our sweet, affectionate children, and hope and pray that they continue to stay that way! 

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