Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

As I've mentioned today is Eric birthday.  Filled with box cake and french toast and Legos.  He got a nap and slept in, so I think there will be no complaints this year.  He is also pretty excited about his birthday present which is a replacement watch for his other watch.  He was pretty shocked to receive a brand new watch.  I had sent his old watch in to get the band replaced for his birthday and they sent that watch back along with a brand new one and only charged me the price of the replacement band.  Pretty good deal!  I also had the kids make his cake and they were all excited to decorate the house this morning.  I got some pictures of that and some video. 

As you can see the kids had a good time decorating, they actually made the cake also, which they enjoyed and are pretty proud to have done.

Sadly what I didn't get was a picture of the sprinkles flying off the cake when Eric blew out the candles!  Gwen complained that there were sprinkles in her water.
Grandmom enjoys getting the cards with the music because she knows the kids like them, and here is proof of how much they like them.

All-in-all a good day for the birthday boy.  Thanks to my partner in crime for sticking around another year.  Hope this year is your best yet!  

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