Monday, November 14, 2011


  • We must have had a pretty good weekend because we are all exhausted today.  
  • My running partner bailed on me this morning, well, I say bailed, but she has problems with the old alarm and I was about 150pg left in David Copperfield and didn't notice I had been sitting in the car 25 minutes so I didn't call her and oops she slept until after 7!  Kids have to be at school at 8am...she just made it!  
  • You see, when you've been reading a book for months and you have less than 200 pages left, you kind of are just motivated to finish.  I am intrigued, and I am currently less than 100 pages left and trying to figure out when I am going to have time to finish. 
  • I took Nate to the park this morning and then this afternoon I took both Nate and Gwen to a different park.  I think they were both exhausted after that and I hope they get a good night's rest!  We met some of Gwen's classmates at the park and I was able to chat with them, which was nice.  I didn't understand why I found Nate with a bunch of older boys who were being very mean to him-squishing him.  I pulled him out of there and he started crying, telling me how mean they were.  I don't understand why he kept playing with them if they were mean to him.  It makes no sense to me.  I hope it is just an age thing and he'll learn to defend himself!  
  • This week is theoretically less busy for me, but yet at the same time, I don't think I will be home very often.  Which is bad, because you know, I have to vacuum up the leaves and do the laundry.  Darn those school uniforms!  At least we all have plenty of clean underpants!  
  • Ok, well must get to bed and finish David Copperfield while the kids are sleeping, because they really don't let me sit and read.

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