Sunday, November 13, 2011


I found this picture on my camera.  Nate was playing with the camera while Mom was here and told her to smile.  It is the best picture that he took, all the rest ended up being fuzzy, that might have been because he decided to take a picture of himself at "point-blank" range and probably smudged up the lens. 
Eric appears to have enjoyed his birthday weekend.  We drove over to the Lego store and let the kids build some Lego people.  They really enjoyed that, the mean parents that we are did not allow them to take their Lego people home.  About 5 minutes from home Nate started to cry that he had wanted to bring his Lego men home.  Too late now buddy! 
The kids also had a good time in the leaves, but I missed the opportunity to take the pictures.  I'll have to clean up the leaf mess in the house for days.   Lots of yelling and screaming outside today.  They were making memories, as my neighbor says. 

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