Tuesday, November 22, 2011


YAY!  Half-a-day.  I am looking forward to cleaning this place up and starting some baking tomorrow.  I will be baking at least 2 pies tomorrow.  I couldn't decide between making a pumpkin or a pecan, I think E prefers the pumpkin and I prefer the pecan, so I'll be making both.  I am going to make a caramel pecan pie, instead of what I usually make-the chocolate pecan pie!  As E and I are married longer I learn more about his likes and dislikes.  I'd like a roll  for T'day, out of no where he tells me he wants biscuits!  Sure, I know biscuits to rolls, not a big deal, but I am wondering what else I'll learn. 
Gwen had her little celebration, came home with her vest, her necklace and her headpiece, all that she made.  They apparently had a feast outside on the picnic benches.  It feels like it is unseasonably warm around here.  We aren't going to complain, but I kind of wish we had a porch, because I would totally do the outdoor eating thing on the porch, like I grew up with! The kids would love it, they love the outdoor eating! 

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