Monday, November 22, 2010

Another busy day

It was another busy day at the homestead today. Eric left before the children got up, so I had to get the kids ready for school and whatnot. Not a huge deal, we made it, on time, mostly and I remembered to bring our donation for the family that Gwen's class sponsored! Go me! Gwen's backpack was a little weighed down with green beans, but she made it. I then met another preK Mom at Starbucks with our boys, while we were there another Mom showed up and we chatted until we had to get to the school for our volunteering. Today was "Celebration day" for Thanksgiving and my "trade-off" babysitter had volunteered to help with the celebration while I had been signed up to be art-helper. So the boys went with her while I went to help with art. The kids worked on their turkey water colors. Gwen's was very pretty if I do say so myself! maybe I'll take a picture and post it. When art was done I had to take both the boys to the nursery for a playdate, which is no easy task, since my friend's son is going through a Mommy phase. It wasn't too bad, but he did spend the morning sleeping on me...I couldn't bear to put him down, in his sadness. Nate didn't care, he played the whole time. We picked up Gwen from school, ran to Target, came home, had lunch. I realized I forgot to put dinner in the crockpot and it was too late! Put Nate down for a nap, I sorted separated and did 5 loads of laundry (dryer fixed!!!). Spoke to Grandma on Skpe. Made kids dinner, folded laundry and put away what I could. Made grocery list, spoke to my husband, sent cranky email about deposits not being returned, turned off computer. Remembered I had to post tried to use husband's computer which is apparently not pleased wirelessly with the world. Turned on my computer, saw deposit should have been returned, hoping to get more information in the morning, typed up boring post about my day and then hopefully read some more and go to bed! Good night!

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