Friday, November 26, 2010

Iron Bowl and turkey

Happy turkey day! Sure I know most of you ate yesterday, but we waited until today and halfway through yesterday Eric said to me, I think you made the right call! The kids are appearing much better today. I had a goal of dinner at 1, although I think I should have made it 12, 1:15 was just too late for Nate. He was ready for a nap. Eric says I was much calmer this year, played with the kids, read a book, made dinner.
I wanted to show a picture of my marshmallows on the candied yams. They didn't really "melt" like store bought marshmallows do, so I kind of went overboard, but it was very good! I might have also taken them out a bit too early, but it was the last thing we were waiting on, so I pulled them out before they really started to brown up.
Gwen ate the turkey leg!
After dinner, I had enough time for a short nap and to watch the IRON BOWL. The game was very stressful in the beginning, but we pulled out the win! Very exciting...seems that my Mom and her friends had a good time watching the game, lots of yelling and screaming after the game was onto the SEC Championship Game, South Carolina is going to be ready for us I fear...hope we can start at the beginning of the game this time instead of waiting until the second quarter!

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