Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leaves and trash cans

What did I do with all those leaves, did you ask yourself? I had a lot. The first and second batch of leaves we put in the composter, I've also mowed some of them, this third batch I decided to borrow the neighbor's yard waste trash bin. She has been kind enough to say that we could use it if we needed to, so I dragged it out while Eric was cleaning out the Jeep and started piling in the leaves...I have found snow shovel is really handy for shoveling leaves! Sadly, I only got 1/4 of the leaves in there when Nate came up to me and asked to help me by going into the trash can...he is quite the helpful boy.
Gwen saw all the fun Nate was having and ran in and got more appropriate shoes for the occasion...I didn't think flip flops where the best option.
We would pile the leaves in and they would crush them down...Eric thought they looked like grape crushers!
They loved it when I "closed" them in there!
Sadly today is a bad day for us. The school nurse took Nate's temp and it was 99.6. Eric doesn't think that is so bad, and it isn't but combined with his general fussy attitude a day of vegging inside has been prescribed. He is currently watching Toy Story with Gwen and Eric. Well, I am sure Gwen and Nate are watching, Eric "sleep-watching" with his eyes closed! Eric decided to work a half day today since he has to go in on Thanksgiving, which works out for me. I can now walk around the house without listening to Nate cry and I don't have to carry him anymore! Momma has to get ready for Thanksgiving, after all! His temperature does not seem to be increasing, I guess I should go in there and give him some water, keep him hydrated!

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