Saturday, November 13, 2010

mid day posting

About mid-day today I had the thought I should do today's post, but I put it off and now I have to do this post post AU game, and I am a little hyped up. It was a very stressful game. Eric doesn't understand the emotional havoc watching a college football (specifically AU games) can have on a person. Sadly he didn't get a love of football from his father. Onto the post.
Here are some pictures from yesterday, Gwen decorating herself up like a present...
Nate hamming it up for the camera.
Here is a picture of the kids with the birthday boy, with the cake.
Here's the cake! My first attempt at decorating a cake with icing tips. (the wholes are from the candles...Nate was upset because he didn't get to blow out the candles.) I made Eric a white cake with confetti and fluffy white frosting. He likes it, I guess because it isn't super sweet...Gwen was disappointed that didn't have ANY chocolate, she is not sure it can be a birthday cake and not have chocolate...that's my girl.
It is starting to get cold here so we got the kids some winter garb, Gwen was excited to pick out matching hat, gloves and a scarf.
I think Nate's garb is hilarious, but we haven't got a picture of it yet. Eric is very amused by hat and gloves.

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