Monday, November 29, 2010

Second to the last post of the month

I would have liked to include a picture of Gwen in her outfit today, because that is something I would never go out in public in! But, I missed the picture, sorry. When she first came out this morning she had a zipper short sleeve shirt (teal) on and a light pink sweater over top. I made her go back to her room and put on some pants or something, she came out in hot pink and gray tights! I explained to her we don't go to school in tights and shirts only, we must wear either pants or skirt on top of tights. She was not pleased! I thought it was a little too early to be discussing outfits and "GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND PUT ON SOMETHING APPROPRIATE!" Actually, I didn't say that at all, or yell at her. Since she was a little tired and therefore uncooperative so I gave her some skirt options and she said I could pick. I chose a dark pink number for her. It was so terrible, it actually looked cute! Oh, and I should mention the sweater was on backwards!
The thing about parenting is you never know what to expect, you don't know how having 2 parents that have personality types that mesh well together can produce an offspring (or 2) that can completely disagree with you. Funny how someone can look like your "mini-me" and be mostly nothing like you. Like who would think she would pick a Batman cave over a pink dollhouse, seriously, anyone? Eric is proud to get that for her for Christmas and although I don't like to force into gender stereotypes I did feel like she should get something "girlier". I'd like to say that because then Nate won't play with it, but he totally will!
I heard Gwen crying today during her quiet time and I asked her later why, (not an upset something happened, but a little sob) and she was upset because her playdough that we made dried out because they forgot to put it back! Poor thing...
We are now done with Christmas shopping, well we have one more thing to get, but this limited budget and small house definitely has its benefits and I hope that we maintain this lifestyle after we are in a bigger house and less limited budget. I don't think the kids will care or notice and it certainly is less stressful. We are also doing cheaper Christmas cards this year, I have figured sending 54 cards will cost me $25, which includes postage! I am super excited about that, because I was considering not sending them this year, but we have found a way, yay!
Alright, that's it, time for bed!

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Mommy Daisy said...

Ahh, the clothing battle. Zachariah will randomly come out of his room with shorts in the middle of winter. When I make him change he'll have a tank top and jogging pants. On and on it goes some days. Too funny!