Saturday, November 06, 2010


We've had a very quiet day today. Much quieter that usual. Yesterday Gwen and I made playdoh, maybe not exactly playdoh, but its greasier cousin! Seriously greasier, but the kids have really enjoyed it, my carpet not so much and it is left a greasy sheen on the coffee table. I might need to add less oil next time! The kids played with it all evening and this morning. Eric doesn't like the texture at all, but with all the salt, I think it is a great exfoliant. We lazed around the house all day, I am not feeling 100%.
Not much else to report today...yesterday we visited with a friend from California. It was great to see her and talk to her after so many years. I don't think tomorrow will be a big day either, Eric has a take home test due Monday and since I was not much help today with the kids, he is likely going to have to spend tomorrow working on his test.
I will probably get back to the Halloween posts tomorrow...we'll see!

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