Sunday, November 21, 2010

ok, ok

So I know I had said I had done the last of the Halloween posts, but when trying to find a picture to send to the MIL so she could see the kids costumes, she isn't connected to the internet, you see.
So, I pulled out the kids costumes to get some better pictures.
And tried to take some pictures, that I could send to her. Nate hammed it up for me, as you can see.
He likes to sweep, some might say he likes to sweep up candy!
Grandma was on the computer with us and Nate decided to put on his sunglasses and ham it up for her. He kept asking for candy and to go trick or treating.
I think I probably confused the poor kids, but apparently not as much as I did when I put away/hid their Halloween candy. Gwen has told everyone that the Halloween candy swiper took it. I haven't told her it was me. The new rule at our house is that if there is candy left by Daddy's birthday, the candy will disappear. Makes sense to me, and I am pretty sure that is all that matters.

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