Friday, November 05, 2010

A story for Grandma

Today when I put Nate down for Quiet Time I heard a banging sound, I wondered what it was and then I remembered, Nate is "napping"! I knew immediately what that sound was. See, when Mom was here we purchased an "expandable chrome hanging bar", we did not get the whole system seen in the picture, just the bar and hooks that hold the bar at the perfect height for my 4 year old! We were able to get some of that stuff out of her dresser (which was over packed) and onto hangers. We were able to put outfits that came together-together, which means she is mostly matching...and she can see all her dresses! FABULOUS, for us.
But, I digress! Nate had previously figured out how to take the bar off the hooks and was using them as swords (he is too smart!) and as soon as I heard that noise, I thought that is Mom was talking about, so I rushed into the kids rooms. I couldn't have been more wrong and I wish I had my camera! What I saw was a little boy with a pink boot, a pink sparkly tennis shoe, and a clear backpack HANGING on the bar and swinging! I couldn't help by smile and say NO, NO, NO! (I didn't yell though, I just said it firmly.) Nate immediately got down and started cleaning up Gwen's clothes, that he had thrown on the floor and was saying something like, "I put them back". I said good, and left the room. I heard the banging again not 5 minutes later and went back in there, he wasn't hanging on the bar, but he could have been vigorously putting the clothes back on and he was still said "I put them back". He wasn't so pleased that I left again started crying and promptly cried himself to sleep, he's been a sleep for 2.5 hours now!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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