Sunday, November 14, 2010

mid November, already?

It is the beginning of another week here. Is Thanksgiving really the week after next? Should I start considering the Thanksgiving meal? I guess I should, but there is always next week for that, isn't there? Should we start considering Christmas presents for the kids? The Grandparents keep asking me what they should get the kids and I am drawing blanks here, especially since I am not allowed to get Gwen a tea set, which I think she would love! (Nate would too, he loves to pretend eat). But alas, Eric does not want to clean up after tea sets, too many pieces he says. It is hard to figure out what to get the children that won't take up too much space but be fun to play with.
Gwen is finally showing an interest in writing her letters. She has been faking it for a while, but finally brought home papers where she has written her name in her real letters. She also will trace letters if I "dot" them out for her, which is a definite improvement. Oh, the strides she has made since starting school. I am glad she is taking an interest, finally.
Nate is starting to improve, I think with my new parenting style. He still gets into trouble if he gets bored, but he has started to nap again (but I dare say now he won't, since I have mentioned it) and this makes for a much more pleasant afternoon. It is still hard to remember he is 2 with his advanced verbal skills.

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