Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy

As I've thought of today's post I've had many thoughts go through my mind today. One, my Mom is probably spending the day in a fitting way for his memory, I won't go into any more details, but I think it is humorous, she might not. Two, I call my Dad-Daddy...I never really did that as I got older, but now, I think of him as Daddy, although when I speak of him I still call him Dad, only when I think of him do I call him Daddy, I find that strange. Three, what does Daddy think of our decision to move to NC, would be be stressed out, like I think my Mom is, proud of E going back for the PhD or some other random emotion/some where in between. Four, how excited he would be about Nate, sure he'd love Gwen and play princesses and tea parties, but he would love the idea of the grandson to play catch with and play soccer with.
I think that is about it, for random thoughts this year.
The kids and I have a new routine, come home from school, "picnic" outside and then they play for a while. I like to bring them in around 1p and do quiet time for an hour or so but it is nice, with the 70 degree afternoons to sit outside and breathe fresh air. We had to take out the garden this weekend, the weather is getting to cold at night, freezing so we lost whatever tomatoes we might have still had on the vine.

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