Thursday, November 11, 2010

Possibly my last Halloween post:the School Carnival!

The Friday before Halloween was Gwen's school Halloween Carnival. I was able to sneak out ALONE and help set up. Technically I could have taken the kids, but Grandma was there, so I got to go and be kid free, fortunately Nate took a nap! Which seems to be his MO, the Friday nap. But anyway, they really push the carnival. Before I left to help Gwen got really upset and asked if I was going to play any games, I assured her I wasn't and then she ignored me, I took it she was ok with me going. Fortunately she didn't find out her friend was there while her Mom volunteered.
Now Gwen was so excited to go to the Carnival, they had the whole school darkened, only black lights, they had indoor games, food and outdoor stuff. At the indoor games you received prizes (candy), so we did those twice. But what was funny is Gwen was looking for her friends. And was kind of upset we didn't see any. Then, she found her classmate and started squealing, she was so excited! My Mom might remember that forever. We did finally see her favorite friend, last thing of the night, Grandma took pictures of the silly girls together and they were so excited and pretended they were pirates, I don't know why!
We had a good time, between the carnival, mall trick or treating and neighborhood trick or treating, Nate still ocassionally asked to go trick or treating. They got some good use out of their costumes and the candy is almost all gone, thanks to Daddy. Here are the picture from the carnival.

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