Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thinking about celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday...Eric has to work and the kids have been sick. I think Nate is doing better today, but Gwen appears to be out for the count. She was going to help me make muffins today and I just took one look at her and thought, she doesn't look good, so now we are sitting here watching some Sesame Street while everyone relaxes. I am hoping some relaxing will help her. Fortunately for me Gwen is not as cranky as Nate was yesterday and Nate is not cranky today either! For the first time since I started making turkey dinner I have decided to not make my Aunt Arlene's stuffing! I am going to try a cornbread stuffing. I decided to go ahead and make my own cornbread this morning for the stuffing. I wanted to brine the turkey this year, but I read that if you buy a frozen turkey they are injected with a salt solution so it can make for a salty turkey/salty gravy.
Now for the random picture for this post. I may or may not have mentioned we started cleaning out the toys, in the process we found the cowboy hats. Nate is particularly obsessed with Toy Story, so "Woody" got on his horse with Mr Potato Head and "Jessie" got on the back.
Here Gwen is showing us her squirrel. I don't know why she felt the need to have herself photographed like that, but she did!
We got Nate some underpants, I thought we would try to start potty training, but with his illness, I think we are going to skip that for a couple days. That hasn't stopped him from putting 2 pairs on underpants on today over his diaper! These pictures are from this weekend, though.
He picked out Toy Story underpants, is anyone else surprised?
Eric wants to know why I got him the tighty-whity style when he found out they had boxer brief in Nate's size, but the boxer briefs didn't have characters, so he didn't want those! I imagine the whole training process with boys is going to be quite different than it is with the girls!

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