Monday, November 15, 2010


I mentioned Gwen's new scarf and hat and gloves. She wore them today to school and was VERY excited. When we do the "kiss and ride" some of the eighth graders help get the kids out of the car. They switch back and forth between boys and girls every two weeks, this week the boys started their turn. Gwen was so excited about her matching that as soon as the boy opened the car door Gwen said "see I match!" "I am wearing a scarf!" The boy just smiled not really knowing what to do or say. I said "they are new she is very excited". He just continued smiling and she said something I didn't hear, he shut the door, helped her with her with her backpack and she marched off. He just kind of stood there thinking, cool I don't have to walk this one in, but one of the other eighth grade boys must of told him to make sure she gets into the school because he reluctantly followed her in, Gwen blissfully unaware...she is so independent.
I asked her if any of her friends mentioned about her scarf and stuff and she happily told me about it. I mentioned Gwen and her letters. Here I dotted out letters for Eric's birthday card. I didn't think about making more space for her and the coloring aspect of her writing, but I think it turned out better than I hoped, her first "handmade" card where she did all the writing!

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