Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Grandma's gone, we are all a little sad. We had a busy time with her, I am not sure the whole time she was here was busy, but the last 3-4 days were packed. I will likely spend a couple posts on her visit. Today was a busy day, but yet I didn't leave the house, interesting, isn't it? Ok, maybe not. I drove Gwen to school and then did some entertaining of some children. I feel bad for my friend who drove back and forth from school 4 times, at least once with an accident blocking her path. But let me get to the kids, kids are funny, aren't they! It is very convenient to make this new friend, my kids are the same age and gender as 2 of her kids. Gwen got a new bed and I wanted to get the bed together and set up before they arrived because Gwen, not so good with change, but I knew she wouldn't make a HUGE fuss with her friend over. My friend dropped her son off and he is not pleased when she drops him off, let me tell you. I thought today was a success because he only cried for about 10 minutes. She came picked him up after she volunteered and then picked up the girls from school and dropped them all back off and went back to school, conferenced and then picked up the kids. WOW! Busy. The kids were funny though. Her daughter wanted to know why our table was in our living room. I had to explain to her that it wasn't our living room. But 4 kids, wasn't so bad, if the 2 youngest weren't 2. The girls are all about princesses and we didn't have enough dresses/accessories for them both. Gwen hasn't shown much interest in dressing like a princess, but now that she has the new friend she got all accessorised up and her friend was rather disappointed to not to have a crown, so I fashioned one out of 2 hair bands and a plastic bracelet. Not much to look at, but when she put it on her head she was a princess! There was a point when the princesses wanted to dance, so I played some music on the piano and they danced with their "princes" which weren't their brothers. It was fabulous for me, I could play and no one would interrupt my playing, or so I thought, I might of played a little too long. I wish I could have played and taken video, but I couldn't do both, needless to say, I picked songs I could crane my neck and watch the cuteness. Fortunately this time, Gwen did not ask to go to her house next time because she wasn't having any fun. Success, for me!
We have set up the room in a new arrangement. Eric spent some time trying to get the kids excited about there new beds (technically Nate is getting Gwen's old bed), but I decided to keep Nate's mattress in there because, well Gwen doesn't like change, and we want this to be a smooth transition. Sadly Eric spent time making Gwen's old bed into a fort, who would want to sleep in the boring new bed when you could sleep in your old comfortable bed, which was made into a fort! But, now Gwen has a twin bed, Nate has Gwen's crib, we'll be securing him some non-pink Dora sheets for him, at some point.
So now that Mom is gone and Halloween is over we will be getting the kids back on schedule, Nate took a late nap, intentionally, but he really needed it! I just wanted him to have quiet time, finished my book and he was asleep...oops, but he really needed it, I tell you, he could use another nap tomorrow!
I think that is enough random babbling for now, I think I might need to go to bed, but Eric is doing school work in our room...

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