Monday, November 10, 2008

28 months

Today Gwen is 28 months old. This month has brought a bunch of mischievous kind of behaviour. I think we all remember the poop incident, you don't, don't make me bring out the pictures! Ok, so maybe not everyone vividly remembers the poop incident as I do, but frankly you would too.
So what else is knew with Gwen you ask? The conversation and memory skills have improved greatly! She tells me the stuff all the time, like last night she did...and amazingly enough, she did! You can actually have a conversation with her, sometimes about nonsense. Her language skills are much improved and most of the time I don't need to translate for her, except for now that she has a runny nose, makes it harder to understand her. But, I have found a benefit to Gwen's chattiness, she works as a spy. She will tell me important bits of her father's conversation so I know the right questions to ask when he gets off the phone so I know what is going on in our lives!
Gwen has been taking swim lessons again this "semester" and has been doing really well, participating, listening and generally making me proud. It is nice to see her start to develop into a little kid that actually can and does pay attention, of course she doesn't always pay attention to me, but whatever, I'm the Mom, that will likely continue to be the trend!
Gwen's house chores are expanding also, just recently she has really started actually vacuuming by herself, it takes about 3 hrs, but you can't rush a 2 yr old when they are trying to help you. Gwen also loves to help with the dishes and the laundry.
Gwen's love of DADDY has not diminished this month. Neither has her love of baby Nate. It has become rather difficult because she can now open doors so as soon as she hears a peep out of baby Nate she runs to his door and opens it! If she is in her room and Nate is making any noise she yells "Mommy, baby Nate's awake", over and over until I get him; as I have said before, helpful!

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