Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ben & Jerry!

Things around here are changing, and I am not talking about the election, I am talking about in my house! Nate is super close to being a real pain...I mean crawling. Watching him today, I keep thinking, man am I in trouble. The lovely thing about having 1 child is you can pretty much keep track of that one child without any worries. But with 2 and 1 of them crawling while the other has a complete disregard for the fact that the other wants to eat anything he comes into contact with means huge problems for me! See, now I can leave the room for minutes to pee, now I am going to not be able to pee unless 1 or both of them are sleeping. Also, this could be the end of Gwen loving Nate, 'cause now he will be able to get to her stuff! Of course, it could be another month or so before he gets it all together, I will let you decide what you think.

This series of photos taken yesterday are just snap, snap, snap and sums up how thing go around here, I think.

We went to vote today as a family, that seems to be our MO. Gwen kept asking us where the vote was. I thought she said boat and kept explaining to her I didn't know where the boat was. Oops! When I finally figured out what she was saying we had to explain to her we were walking to the voting place and Eric told her it was a verb. We thought after dinner we would go to Ben & Jerry's and get our free ice cream, but apparently many others had the same idea and we left...they only had 3 people working! But, rest assured, since we promised ice cream, Gwen still got her ice cream "comb". It wasn't free, but we still celebrated!
The voting in the school makes me nostalgic for CA were we voted in some old lady's garage. Seriously, every time there was an election I voted because how many people can say they voted in a garage...ok, so maybe a lot of people; Cali. is a big state, but it is funny that you have to map quest your way to the voting place and then they have handmade signs directing you and don't think they have a house right on the main road, nope way back in the neighborhood our place was! The lady's garage had 2 electronic voting booths and we never had to wait in a long line, of course Eric and I can't remember if we voted during a presidential election while we were out there, so I don't know if it is the same, but really why wouldn't it be? It is California after all!

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