Monday, November 17, 2008

Saga of the butt continues....

will I ever be done dealing with Gwen's butt. Today we had a Dr's appointment because Gwen's butt is on fire with the diaper rash. This darn toilet issue is driving me crazy. I am hoping that the issue is cleared up quickly with the prescription that they gave us. So I guess this means more baths and diaper free time...great more pee on the floor, just what I want to do while Eric is away. Here are some pictures from Eric's birthday. You can see what Gwen's interest is...
she has no eyes for anything else, but that cake.
Nate doesn't have eyes for the cake as you can tell. I know one picture of Nate and Eric would have sufficed but really I couldn't decide which one to work, I think they are all cute.

Still no tooth, but man is that boy a happy little man!

Because of Gwen's butt issues we missed her last swim class. I really wanted to go and talk to the teacher about whether Gwen would be advanced enough for the next class up. As much as I liked how well Gwen did in this class, I feel like the evening classes are terrible for us as a family. Baby Nate didn't like our arrangement, dinner was always late, and everyone was a little tired and cranky. I just read the class description though and it says

Children must be comfortable in the water and able to listen and learn without a parent in the water. Children should be comfortable putting their faces in the water and floating on their back and stomach with some help.

Ok, I don't know that she would listen and learn, I know that she isn't comfortable putting her face in the water. I am not sure this is Gwen, but I have hope that we could try it because I would rather go mid-morning.

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