Monday, November 24, 2008


I am so exhausted right now, I could totally go to sleep, sitting at the computer. Today was not such an eventful day that I need to recover, but maybe last week is finally catching up with me! Gwen is becoming such a chatterbox, and her memory, man is that going to get me into trouble. Mom was asking her about the wedding today and she told her about going to the bathroom with me, I am pretty sure that is not something I would list on the top of my list, but whatever. I think she is becoming more aware of the whole bathroom thing, so if this trend continues we could be trying to potty train again, but I am not going to hold my breath. Nate is really getting grabby, you really have to watch him and he is really perfecting his backwards crawl. He is really moving, he can get side to side, so he can get himself into a circle and usually I find him stuck somewhere 90-180 deg from where I left him. He is still pretty happy and we are gearing up to give him some "solids". I have all the ingredients, I just have to mix and serve, but this is something I think Eric should be around for, so he can feed or take pictures or keep Gwen away, you know whatever is necessary. We think Nate is really going to like this eating thing, he is super interested in getting our plates and I think he won't mind being messy and getting involved, but he could get too excited about it and eat us out of house and home!

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