Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today has been a very random day. It is day 2 of my single-ish parent week. Today was a little crazier than yesterday days. Gwen was not listening at all, so I put her down for a nap. Within a half an hour she was out, for almost 3 hours...Alleluia. We had a much better afternoon. After she woke up, she doesn't always wake up well and I usually give her some time to talk to herself but today with the butt issues there was none of that; I had to change her immediately! I have been debating whether it is time for Gwen to give up her nap, today she needed one, but we are getting to the point where I think she might not need one any more. It certainly would be more convenient for us, since Nate is in the 2 nap stage so first thing in the morning they are both up then after that they alternate naps until dinner time when they are both up. This makes my day very challenging to run errands and stuff. I almost feel like we are stranded in the house from about mid-morning. We will see what I think after a few more days. I think I will still demand some quiet bedroom time, especially on the days I need a nap!
Nate was cute and sweet all day, as to be expected, since he is super cute and sweet! I have these pictures from last week to post where you can see how determined he is.

Look at that look he is giving me, sort of I know you are the one responsible for taking the plate away that has food on it. I don't think I trust you lady!
We think that Nate is ready to eat. He almost swiped some chicken from Gwen's hand today. He really wants to test paper and see what that is all about, really the boy wants something in his mouth to chew on. I don't think this is just because he is teething. He is a regular grab and eat kind of a boy. I don't recall Gwen being this way. I am hoping this means Nate won't fight us as much on the food issues!
The boys were in Boston last I heard. They had originally mentioned not staying in Boston overnight because it is about an 8 hour trip home from there and they wanted to be home for a little bit (separated for a couple hours) before they had to drive to Baltimore for the bachelor party. I don't know if they are going to make it though and Gwen will certainly be disappointed if they don't! She wants to see her Daddy tomorrow!

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