Saturday, November 01, 2008

Corn maze

Last weekend we went to a corn maze. The one thing Eric has been talking about forever. With the 2 kids and the crazy schedule of the weekends I was wondering if we were ever going to make it, but we did, I think right before the end of the corn mazes. The godfather and girlfriend joined us and I think we had a pretty good time. I haven't discussed it with the godfather and girlfriend, but we had a good time, I hope they did also! I, of course, remembered the camera, so we have pictures! This corn maze has a bridge incorporated into it, you would think that would help us find the mailboxes, but it doesn't!
Here we are at a mailbox stamping the map. They break the corn maze up into 12 sections and each section has a mailbox to help you find your way around. Unfortunately we are still not skilled enough to get the stamps lined up correctly, you would think after 4 yrs we would figure out, but we can't!
Look, Gwen walking under her own power!
Nate in the corn maze!
Our corn maze cohorts, posing for a picture.
Look, Gwen running through the corn maze (and Daddy trying to keep up!) She really had a good time.

Gwen was interested in this corn that was on the ground, Eric broke off a small piece for her and she carried it around and pulled off the individual pieces.
Nate offering some advice on which way we should go!
We actually finished the corn maze this year, all of us...Gwen had to be taken out last year. We finished just before they let the snakes out! Eric ran up ahead to get to the slides and I handed Nate to Brooke so I could take some pictures.
The big slide. This was a big hit with everyone.

Just finishing up the slide.More slide fun.
Apparently this was a real tractor that they put a slide in, Gwen was telling me all about the steering wheel.

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