Friday, November 21, 2008

Picture day and panic!

Today I took the kids to get their pictures made for Christmas. I am ahead of the game so far, but that certainly does not mean anything in the coming weeks! I still have to get my list together and decide on a picture when they are sent to me. UGH! I am really excited because we got some naked Nate shots...I think Eric thinks I am slightly crazy on this front, but I love me some naked baby pictures and we never got a chance to do that with Gwen. She said this was our last opportunity to do naked baby shots, so I jumped at it! I get really excited waiting for the pictures to arrive so it is probably good that I am going to be busy tomorrow so I don't keep checking my email obsessively.
I am in a complete state of panic about tomorrow. I know the kids will most likely be fine, but the wedding is right at lunch time, Nate won't be getting proper naps and the wedding is 45 min from our house. The reception doesn't start until 3, so I have approximately 2 hours to drive around B'more!? It is going to be pretty cold tomorrow so I am trying to figure out what I should wear and at 5mon postpartum the possibilities are finite. But I am mostly concerned about lunch and what am I going to do about dinner. Yes, Gwen is eating more foods, but really what if they have really fru-frou wedding foods. I think this is the "be prepared" girl scout in me trying to figure out how I can be prepared for every possibility. Let's face it Nate will likely poop through one outfit, should I bring more than one spare? Gwen is usually very good during Church, will that hold tomorrow, how many snacks am I going to have to bring to hold her through? And, will she freak out and want to sit with this going to be a full Catholic Mass...1.5hrs or a blessing? See what I mean? This is going to be an all day that involves me being packed and ready to go, this with my procrastinating habits does not make for an easy time...does any one wonder why I don't have gray hair and ulcers or worse!? I am beginning to wonder myself.
I am thinking this NaBloPoMo is probably giving you more information about me than you really wanted to know...I have to write something every day...I might win a prize, but who am I kidding, I never win anything. I was listening to the radio this morning and the woman said she just doesn't want her kids to embarrass her in public. I think I could relate to that, as far as it usually goes Gwen leaves her bad behaviour for the home so I am pretty lucky. She acts so shy people think she is charming. But, I just don't want her to be hungry or tired or crazed 'cause she hasn't seen Eric. The only one of those I can "control" is hungry, so I guess that is what I am going with. Wish me luck!
This morning when the kids were getting the pictures made it was flurrying and accumulating, so pretty. Nothing like that is going on here and we don't even live that far away, 15-20 min. I don't think she is that much higher in elevation that I am, it was really pretty and I wish it flurried here. I love the fam in WI is reading this thinking I am nuts, but I think it is cool and fun, which is why I like living here!

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Liesa said...

You know - something will throw you off tomorrow... That's inevitable. I never travel without extra clothes for the kids and extra snacks/food. You can't go wrong. I hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding - enjoy your winter weather. It's actually a high of 40 here today. Yuck. Just cold. No remote chance of snow. Just cold.