Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

We have I think a busy week coming up next week...ok maybe not all of us are having a busy week and the week might not even be considered busy. Next Sat is the best man's wedding (as in the best man at our wedding). The boys are going on a road trip next week, then there is the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding. So, busy I guess is not the right word, but maybe insane or crazed. Probably like this.I have mentioned that we tried the potty training thing, here is Gwen in her panties with her new socks that she found, that she put on herself!
Of course she had to kiss and see baby Nate.
While I was vacuuming the other day I had to figure out what to do with the kids, this was my solution and it seemed to work out pretty well. Nate was happy to play and Gwen kept coming back to him every once in a while to keep him company and actually smiled for a picture.
So yesterday, naptime Gwen decided to take off her diaper and her girlfriend had suggested I tape her diapers, but I don't really think I will do that, so I have decided to put her back in her night time sleep clothes (that we put on backwards that she can't unzip). I am still having an issue with her potty training. My problem is that she has some diaper rash issues that the not telling us when we poop thing is going to be an issue. Stay tuned for an update on eating, I don't have time for that now that both kids are up from their nap.

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