Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween wrap up

I know, it is like almost a week late, but dude, I just downloaded the pictures, sorry. Here is a picture from Gwen at the party, that she was so excited about!
Here is Gwen and her little friends during "storytime" on Halloween. One of the Moms was reading them stories while another Mom was cutting up cake.
Gwen and you can tell Gwen is way more interested in the story!

I thought Nate might be too hot in his costume, so I took him out and sat him down while his sister ate her cake...
I gave him my water bottle to play with, he seemed to enjoy that!

Halloween night...Eric lighting our pumpkins.
Gwen and Brooke getting ready to trick-or-treat. I don't know why Gwen brought the car to Nate's exersaucer outside, but she promptly put it down when we told it was time to go trick-or-treating.
Ready to go!
These shots are all taken by someone else...I was passing out candy at our house. All reports say Gwen went up to houses by herself and asked for candy.

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