Sunday, November 23, 2008

The wedding, a story with pictures!

We're back, and we plan to not have another week like last week for a long time! We are glad it is over, not to say we didn't have fun, we did, it was just long and exhausting and...Here are some pictures from the day!

The Church was beautiful, as was the bride...just glowing!
Unfortunately, as you will notice in all of my action shots, the people's eyes are closed...this is why I am not a professional!
Eric and one of the bride's sisters. The bride is the youngest of 10! Let me tell you they know how to party and were a lot of fun! (and you definitely knew who was on her side, not just by where they sat, there was a strong family resemblance!)
Us, at the wedding!
The big man, watching the action, when he wasn't eating the table For some reason, Gwen wanted to dance with Nate, which is kind of a challenge, since Nate can't really move like that under his own power!
But that is not to say he didn't like it!
She got a little braver and let Eric hold her while she danced. At one point she pulled me up in front of the band, while I was holding Nate, I am just hoping this whole experience doesn't ruin his hearing, they were loud...but they were great and they brought their own props...somehow we ended up with a maraca at home!
I wonder who snagged it!? Gwen at one point, while I was holding her and dancing put her arms out for Carissa to hold her and dance with her...she could tell who was having a good time! I think the bride danced the whole night long.
She also did the limbo with the Maid of Honor! But I don't have a picture of that. Gwen wanted no part of these umbrella hats (for "It's raining men")
Daddy didn't mind them!
So Gwen changed her mind!
Nate's power nap!
The bridal party lining up for NY, NYNate playing with the glow necklace!
By the time they cut the cake, we knew it was time to go, actually, Gwen and Nate could have probably left earlier, they were exhausted, I don't think Nate got much sleeping in, he was pretty overstimulated at one point, very fussy. But, they were good, not too embarrassing, and very charming. But who wouldn't be charmed by a shy little sweetheart like Gwen, and a chubby cherub of a baby like Nate! About half way through this post I realized I would have been better served to do a slideshow, but too late now! So, if you make it through to the end, good job, and thanks, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of people who you don't know!

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