Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey day

The day of the turkey is coming. I did all my shopping for it yesterday and was so excited when I got my turkey for $.37/lb! I had to get a 14+lb turkey, for just the 2.5 of us, but I figured for less than $6 it was worth it. There are plenty of things you can do with left over turkey, like freezing! I had made the executive decision that Eric had been gone all last week and Nate needing the 2 naps, it would be best for us to stay home and be low key. So, when my friends were kind enough to offer to have us over I declined, politely saying we were just going to stay home and I wanted to make my own family stuffing recipe, b/c I love it and I didn't get it last year because of this. One of my friends I had told we would try to schedule a playdate for the girls since it was a long weekend. This afternoon she called and said her Mom wasn't coming to visit so we could do Thanksgiving together. My first thought was crap, I just went shopping I didn't get enough for 4 adults and their daughter is an eater, so I should really count her as an adult. I mean we will certainly have enough turkey and dessert, but the sides, dear God, I don't have the right quantity for that. Long story short, I have to go back to the grocery store and get some more sides so I have enough food for our guests! Plus, I kind of have to really commit to a meal time, you know with just the 4 of us I can just slap it together whenever. But, the bottom line is I love to cook, I like to entertain so I get it all together, now if I could just figure out what picture I like from the photographer my day would be complete! Damn cute kids and a good photographer, make me wish I still went to Sears when the choices were awful and you had to decide right then what you wanted!

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