Saturday, November 08, 2008

Parenting dilemias

One of the major issues I have with this whole parenting thing, is how do you keep from laughing. Yes, yesterday's incident was nasty, but I just couldn't help but to laugh (which is why I had to leave the room!) Yes, she was covered in poop, but she was so unaffected by it. There was just something about her attitude that just made you laugh, although maybe that was because it was so disgusting that if I wouldn't have laughed I would have had to cry. I think she was just bored and showing us a little bit of the stubborn streak that we already know she has. What kind of discipline should I use for this kind of behaviour? I have no idea. You can't force someone to nap and really I think this was just a "crime of opportunity". Fortunately Mommy is smarter than that and we put her diaper on backwards, she pooped but she couldn't get her diaper off, yet! I think it is only a matter of time before she figures that out. But in exciting news, Gwen can take off her clothes by herself, ok so maybe she has been able to do that for a while, but you have to celebrate the little things when your daughter is 2. The nice thing about Gwen being 2 is that Nate is younger and still a baby. So whatever "crap" I have to put up with Gwen, I have sweet smiling, drooling, laughing Nate to bring me back to center. I can see why children have more kids, it is nice to have one going through a really sweet phase while the other is going through a cranky panky stage. Of course, more often than not the stars are not aligned so as that works out, but in theory it is good. In other news, do you have any idea why my husband has at least 20 Pez dispensers from his youth in our storage space that he thinks we can sell on eBay. I certainly don't think they will sell, but I am looking at about 3 HUGE Rubbermaids full of toys from his youth. Do you think they will sell? If they do sell, do you know what that means...yes, 3 empty Rubbermaids I can use for the kids old clothes! YAY!

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Lesley said...

I love your outlook! And yes, it is great to have one kid in a horrible phase, and another one in a sweet phase. I'm looking forward to our new baby because child #1 keeps fighting with child #2 and therefore BOTH of them are doing my head in lately!!!! Bring on the newborn that snuggles and sleeps all day!