Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last day

Well, today is the last day of November! I don't think I have accounted for my life like this in a long time. I can't say for sure that I will continue to write everyday, but it certainly was freeing to write whatever I thought about that day on this blog! The nice thing is that all the bloggers that I read that were also doing NaBloPoMo will also not be writing everyday so that will free up a lot of my time. Man there was a lot to keep up with. I now have to get to the business of Christmas. Picking out pictures and presents and whatnot, well I guess really all I have left are the in-laws. Everyone else is taken care of, I think! So I guess my new business will be writing Christmas cards, and I am the type of person that still hand writes notes and sends pictures of my kids. I am old fashioned that way!
I found the following picture from the Thanksgiving bunch. I think it is so cute of Nate, he is so ready to crawl and get into paper! Blast his love of paper, although that could be a good thing for us, he could limit our paper clutter, which would be a good thing!
The other morning Nate woke up pretty early, so I took him downstairs set a pile of toys in front of him and laid on the couch, hoping he could entertain you see the pile of toys? Can you see why that didn't work out?He had really backed himself under the table, I thought it was funny, he didn't complain too much, but Eric rescued him...I was hoping he would finally figure out how to go forward, but I guess that is still a little ways off!
I started Nate on pumpkin, not a big fan...I am not sure he is a big fan of this pureed food stuff, big fan of the spoon though.

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Beth said...

You did it!! I did too!!!