Thursday, November 06, 2008

What is today?

I have no idea what to write today or how to start this post. I have some time so I thought I would take this opportunity to write something...but I don't know what to write about. Strange, I usually have several things going through my mind to write down, but as I sit her nothing!

The last 2 days have been rather quiet. We had a tough night the other night so we ended up not making it to class, I have a cough and realized if I don't take it easy I might actually end up getting really sick. Today we were going to go to class but it was canceled because of illness! So we went shopping. I am finding that I have a very limited time to do errands in my estimation. Nate and Gwen's schedules often is waking up while the other is just going down for a nap. We are still working out Nate's schedule and he is at the age I have to figure out when to fit "solids" in the schedule for him. I am starting to lean towards a trial run during Thanksgiving. Eric will be home, we'll see, I think he is ready, but I am not ready. I love the ability to just run off and do whatever and not have to worry about Nate eating also. He is definitely grabbing at stuff and you have seen pictures of him sitting.
Usually while I am nursing Nate before his nap Gwen runs around downstairs. The area is baby proofed and usually not a problem, but one day I came downstairs to find this!

Yep, that is Gwen with her non-toxic finger paint, painting her face...great! I guess she is able to open flip-tops now. Poop!
I can only assume she was trying to use it like makeup after watching my Mom put on her makeup!? Because unfortunately when I ask her why she did something, she still can't tell me what possessed her to take off all her clothes and her diaper yesterday when she was napping. She then wouldn't let me put any clothes back on her, well, I don't really force the issue unless someone is coming over.

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