Monday, November 03, 2008

Blankets and other things

Yesterday, we went to get Gwen up from her nap and I noticed she had taken off her crib sheet. When I asked her why she did that she said "my toes were cold", almost like, duh Mommy! Eric has been teaching Gwen that blankets are used to cover your toes when they get cold. I am not sure she gets the concept because today she told me her toes were cold and I had just touched them and they were warm. Eric thinks that getting her to think this way will help her want to put a blanket in the crib with her to cover herself hasn't helped so far, but he is hopeful!
Nate seems to be out of sorts today, I don't know why. I am not sure if he is not adjusted to the time change, if he is coming down with something, or what...he would take like an hour nap wake up ticked and then want to go back down for a nap an hour later. No problem...except that he woke up Gwen. Did I mention we moved Nate's crib out of our room? They are not in the same room, but they might as well be as little insulation there is in the walls. Nate had been getting up 3 times a night, Eric and I felt like it might be because he was starting to hear us, so we moved him. Now he gets up once a night (or 2x if he is too exhausted at bed time and he falls asleep while nursing) but life is much better, I am able to get some stuff done in our room during the day and not disturbing night and nap schedules. YAY!
Gwen had swim class today and she is doing so well. I am so proud of her, she does almost everything the instructor says and she has started to blow bubbles instead of drinking the water! Today we went from the big pool to the little pool, the hope was the wading pool would seem warm compared to the big pool, unfortunately someone forgot to tell the man in charge to turn on the pool heater and so Gwen and her little friend stayed, but everyone else couldn't handle it. Gwen was so excited to ride on the frog float and get a fish toy that she could have cared less that the pool was freezing, ok, not like lake Michigan freezing, but cold nonetheless! So we went back to the big pool and finished out the lesson, just the 2 girls!

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