Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have a lot of things rattling around in my head today and I realize this might be the only 5 minutes I get to post. Gwen and Nate are both in their cribs, but I think currently Nate is refusing to sleep, which is odd, but I think he will go down soon. It took Gwen 1.5 hrs to succumb to the sleep gods, right when I was going to get her out I realized, funny she didn't yell out to me. Makes me nervous what I am going to find when she does actually wake up. After the poop incident, I began to wonder if it is time to potty train Gwen, mostly because my Mom told me it was time, but also partially because I got to the point where I think I am done changing diapers. For the last couple weeks I have had a stuffy nose, this is a blessing, but also a curse b/c I can't tell when Gwen has pooped, quite a problem because if I don't change her she will get diaper rash. So, we started putting her in panties when we are at home in the afternoons after her nap. The only problem is she won't tell me when she has to pee and doesn't seem to care if she pees on herself, won't even tell me (unless it spills on the floor). The other day during the afternoon panty time I said lets go sit on the potty and she said no and refused, and I don't just mean a little no, this was a crying very upset I refuse. I said ok then back to diapers and she preferred that to having me tell her sit on the potty. Have I mentioned yet how strong willed she is? I have said before this is going to be something we are going to do when she is ready, but I am just not sure how to tell she is ready. I think she has interest but no desire and I think at this point she get to involved in something and forgets. I had ordered some cloth training pants because part of me foresees this as a long process and I hate to spend the extra money on pull-ups. I guess I am going to have to get over to the library and get some potty training books and maybe that book my Mom has suggested to me. I am beginning to wonder if Gwen's personality is considered more High strung than strong willed and what does that difference mean to me...and if she is high strung, can I change her into low strung, because I don't think we will make it through the teenage years if she is high strung. Who am I kidding, we are not going to make it through the toddler years if she is high strung or strong willed! And I keep asking myself, was I really this difficult, because hearing stories about Eric's childhood I have heard that he was so low maintenance, and I have heard you get what you deserve. Maybe this trying time for me has nothing to do with Gwen though, the outside influences bringing me down and stressing me out could be causing these slight difficulties with Gwen into something else all together. Making mountains out of mole hills.
Baby Nate on the other hand is still struggling with those 2 bottom teeth, he is trying to get anything into his mouth in a 5 mi radius. So, don't offer him your hand, he will try to eat it. Now that Nate is 5 months and I am starting to feel less sniffly, I am thinking we will be starting him on "solids" I have picked Thanksgiving weekend for this momentous occasion since Eric will be home and we will have an extra set of hands for the camera, very important, but more importantly since it will be a 4 day weekend we will hopefully be rather calm around here and we will have time. I am not really looking forward to introducing solids, I get super nostalgic about the weening process and that I don't have to carry around extra food type crap for Nate. But, I think Nate is totally ready for solids that I probably should get started, because I like to go to the 6 month appointment and say yes we have started solids, and don't mention it was only like a week ago! Great, Nate is asleep also, back to house cleaning before the princess wakes up!

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