Saturday, November 29, 2008

Double bath

This week we have instituted the double bath. While Eric was gone, I started bathing them in the same bathroom, I still had Nate in the baby bathtub, but Gwen was stripping down and just sitting in the bathtub behind Nate. So, once Eric came back I decided that with 2 pairs of hands we could safely wash both.

Gwen "swims" around and practices her swim class moves. Nate seems to enjoy playing with Gwen toys, and by playing I mean eating! I wash Nate first and hand off to Eric he lotions and dresses Nate while I bathe Gwen. Then I take Nate and nurse and put to sleep, while Eric deals with Gwen who wants to stay in the tub. This extends her bath/play time which she seems to enjoy. I know fascinating, isn't it?


Pocklock said...

I wish my kid liked her bath! That looks like so much fun.

Melanie said...

She'll come around, I have a girlfriend who had that issue and after lots of patience her daughter loves the bath and being in the water.