Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 months!

Happy Veterans day! Sadly, since none of us work for the government or are in school, it was business as usual around here. But, today marks baby Nate turning 5 months, wow, can you believe it? He is almost halfway to 1 and on his way to mobile! Nate is the sweetest, happiest baby I have had ever had. I know what you are thinking, you've only had one other baby, but I think I could have 10 babies and I would still consider Nate the sweetest! I am wondering if his personality is like my Dad's personality. I remember reading in my Dad's baby book that he was a happy and sweet baby. Nate is such a happy content baby. He spends most of his day smiling and chatting, and sleeping and eating. He just lights up when he sees Gwen and as I said yesterday Gwen feels the same about him!
He is still trying to crawl, which is so cute. He does get frustrated so he won't lay there for long, but he is definitely getting good at rolling front to back and back to front. It won't be long until he is moving around and getting into all our stuff. I am pretty sure that Gwen is going to not be happy then! For now though, he spends a lot of time "flying", working on strengthening those abs muscles!
We are getting Nate more into a routine with the days it has been lovely. It is nice that he takes naps often so nicely, without much fuss...I mean obviously he doesn't go down easily all the time. He is starting to get very distractable and likes to touch everything, and he seems to like to see how things sound when he scratches them. The distraction makes it awfully hard to feed him, I mean his sister is always offering distractions! (the picture Nate is next too is Eric when he was a baby, I am not sure when.)
Nate is still teething, which means everything is going in the mouth and he is drooling a lot! I feel like the teeth will be coming up very shortly. It doesn't seem to be bothering him a great deal, but he probably would be much less drooly which I would really like!
I know there is a lot of glare on that picture, but Nate and Eric look so cute. I am not sure he looks like either of us really, but I am not the best person to ask who someone looks like. Unless it is blatantly obvious, I have no clue. I am unable to discern if someone has someone else's nose or whatnot. But I do wonder who baby Nate will look like, will he and Gwen look anything alike and is he going to keep those blue eyes. There has been some discussion on the color of his hair, will it be blond, it does look slightly red in pictures but I think when you are looking at him it is blond, very blond. Gwen's hair also had some red about it, but she is definitely a brunette.
Nate can sit in high chairs now while we eat if we go to restaurants. But, since he is in that random screaming/squealing phrase still so in some instances that is not so kosher. Nate seems to have substituted the squealing for fussing/crying. Once you get him and his sister going there is not enough space in the house to get away and it is headache waiting to happen. But, how can you not love that shiny, chubby little sweet face? LOVE HIM! (Of course, I am all gushy about him now, I guess we should check back in a year to see if he drives me crazy!)

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