Sunday, November 16, 2008

Misc stuff

Yesterday the godfather was kind enough to go come over to babysit so Eric and I could go out ALONE for his birthday dinner. We had a nice time. It is nice to be like a couple without kids. Nate obviously didn't care that we left, it was after I put him down, Gwen was a little more sensitive to us leaving, but apparently only for less than a minute.
I haven't downloaded the latest pictures so I have no pictures to show again. I know, you are upset...maybe tonight or tomorrow I will get to it and we will have pictures again. We have had a relatively quiet weekend otherwise, so far. Gwen woke up entirely too early this morning, but we weren't rushed for Church, that is a nice change, although I am tired.
In exciting Nate news, one of his teeth is so ready to pop up, super exciting. I remember with Gwen getting her first teeth, I thought I would miss the gummy smiles and I think I will with Nate also. But, I didn't realize how cute just having a couple teeth are. Nate still doesn't seem much phased by the whole process, thankfully!

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