Sunday, November 09, 2008

Old stuff

Eric has apparently decided while he is moving stuff out of the cave for me to sell on eBay, this might be a good time to organize/condense some of his/our stuff into some kind of smaller fashion. What am I doing during all this you might ask, why getting all my stuff ready for scrap booking this week. Wohoo! I think I am in the final push to finish up Gwen's album. Now I have to organize all the pictures I am not using and put them in albums or toss them. That will definitely be a load off! Unfortunately during Eric's process you can hardly walk in the basement, much less sit! In my process of organizing I found some pictures I don't think I have posted. I could have about a hundred pictures of the following. When we put Nate on the floor, Gwen likes to face him, sometimes too close.
Gwen also likes to crawl under us when we get on the floor to play with baby Nate.
This is actually a picture Gwen took, not bad, huh.
Mom sent these wings to Gwen I think hoping Gwen would wear them for Halloween, Gwen wanted nothing to do with them...most of the time she still doesn't...
but I got some pictures.

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